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Open House and Native Plant Fair
What a Day!

Open House

On September 27, the Elkhorn Slough Reserve opened its doors in celebration of National Estuaries Day.  The event included free guided trail walks, bird house building, face painting, and researchers talking about everything from bugs to water quality to otters.  The event also featured the annual Native Plant Fair.  Local news KSBW came by to talk about gardening during a drought.

We’ve put together some photos in case you missed the event.  Hope to see you next year!

Otter Cam Helps Researchers

Otter Cam

The small photo above shows a newborn pup taken with our Elkhorn Slough Ottercam. The larger picture shows how much it has grown in 5 weeks.

Our Ottercam is providing a unique view of how these otter moms and their pups swim, play, groom, and sleep.   The camera is able to record these behaviors and document for researchers how our Southern sea otters use the estuary.

This is just one example of how our Ottercam is helping researchers track otters that have been tagged as part of a three year study.

If you’ve seen something interesting while watching the Otter Cam, let us know on our Face Book page.

Help Restore the Dunes

Restore the Dunes

Again this year, the Elkhorn Slough Foundation is working with California State Parks to restore eroding dunes at Moss Landing State Beach.  We are currently looking for community and business groups to help us with this work.  This is a wonderful way to give back to the environment, build team spirit, and have a great time.  Throughout October and November we need groups as small as two individuals and as large as a dozen.  If your team is interested in helping please .

Posting the Grades

Water Quality Report Card

Reserve researchers have released our first Elkhorn Slough Water Quality Report Card. For 23 stations around the slough, the report card combines data from key water quality indicators into easily understandable letter grades. Not surprisingly, areas with the best grades host the most abundant and diverse wildlife in the estuary, and are also the most popular spots for kayakers, birders, and other recreational visitors. 

Conservation scientists have also identified ways to improve water quality in the slough: reducing the load of nutrients entering the slough from runoff, improving management of water control structures to increase circulation, and restoring habitat around the slough.

To learn how you can help, read our Elkhorn Slough Water Quality Report Card online.

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