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Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events

Join the Elkhorn Slough Foundation June 20th for a special event. We’ll listen to Patrice Vecchione talk about and read from her new book Step into Nature: Nurturing Imagination & Spirit in Everyday Life, take a nature walk, and have a writing workshop.

Other upcoming events:

May 30 - Morning Kayak Tour - CLOSED
June 2 - Water Quality Workshop
June 20 - Poetry in Nature

See our calendar for more information and all the details about registering.

Cheers for the Estuary Explorers Club!

Slough Stewards

Congratulations to the first group of Estuary Explorers from Elkhorn School! 

This group of 2nd- 5th grade students has completed a multi-week after-school program here at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve.  The students spent 6 hours a month learning about this amazing eco-system.  They have gained a better understanding of the natural world and just how special it is to be a neighbor of the slough.

North Monterey County High School Slough Stewards

Slough Stewards

“It was great to be outside and actually get something done and then see that it makes a difference.”  This was a sentiment expressed by several of the “Go Green Club” students that were engaged in the ESF Slough Stewards program. 

Throughout the past months, these student stewards have caged oak trees, picked up litter from their school campus, removed old irrigation tape and agricultural plastic from ESF lands, helped with a fish survey in the slough, and traveled the slough to see otters, seals and birds by kayak.  They got their hands dirty and their heads filled with environmental science. 

Congratulations and hope to see you next year!

$3 Million Awarded For Restoration

$3 Million Awarded

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has awarded nearly $3 million to the Elkhorn Slough Foundation for salt marsh restoration at the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve. The Tidal Marsh Restoration Project is one of 12 projects in California that will receive funding to restore wetlands that sequester greenhouse gases and provide a wealth of other environmental benefits.

Read the entire press release.

Read the recent story in the Monterey Herald.

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Elkhorn Slough harbors the largest tract of tidal sart marsh in California outside of San Francisco Bay.
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