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MC Gives Will Match Your Donation!

The future of conservation begins with inspiring the next generation.

By making a donation to the Elkhorn Slough Foundation through Monterey County Gives! you will not only be showing your support for these important education and stewardship programs but thanks to the matching fund, your donation can have a bigger impact!

Learn more, watch our video, and please give -- because the future of conservation begins with you.

Upcoming Stewardship Events

Stewardship Events

KSBW came out to our recent stewardship event at Moss Landing State Beach.

Watch the news coverage.

We have similar events coming on December 4th and December 13th. JOIN US!

Check out our calendar for information.

Wonders of the Central Coast

Otter Cam

Local television station KION dedicates a segment of their morning and evening newscast to Wonders of the Central Coast each week. Recently the Elkhorn Slough Reserve was the featured "Wonder."

Watch it here.

Reserve Manager Dave Feliz and weekend visitors shared what's so special about this hidden gem.

Thank you KION and Dann Cianca for inviting viewers to come on out see for themselves.

Posting the Grades

Water Quality Report Card

Reserve researchers have released our first Elkhorn Slough Water Quality Report Card. For 23 stations around the slough, the report card combines data from key water quality indicators into easily understandable letter grades. Not surprisingly, areas with the best grades host the most abundant and diverse wildlife in the estuary, and are also the most popular spots for kayakers, birders, and other recreational visitors. 

Conservation scientists have also identified ways to improve water quality in the slough: reducing the load of nutrients entering the slough from runoff, improving management of water control structures to increase circulation, and restoring habitat around the slough.

To learn how you can help, read our Elkhorn Slough Water Quality Report Card online.

Elkhorn Slough harbors the largest tract of tidal sart marsh in California outside of San Francisco Bay.
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