After the Purchase

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Field Notes from Sand Hill Farm

Acquiring land starts with negotiations, due diligence, and paperwork.  Once escrow closes the work of science-based phased land restoration begins.  Land restoration can take seven to ten years, done in phases based on priority, of course.  At Sand Hill Farm the highest priority is to control the erosion so that when the winter rains come the sediment remains on the land and does not travel into the slough.  As a former strawberry farm, the Sand Hill Farm was covered with agricultural plastic the day we closed escrow.  Our first task, remove the plastic.  And so the work begins, and it will be a great deal of work.  Over the next couple of months we’ll be sharing Field Notes from our Sand Hill Farm project.  We hope you’ll check back here or on the Elkhorn Slough Foundation’s Facebook page to see our progress on phase one of the restoration.