Bird Sightings at the Reserve

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“What birds have been sighted recently?” – It’s one of our most-asked questions here at the Reserve. Birders visit us from all over the world and they like to be prepared for what they might see.

If you are visiting in person, the best way to find out what has been seen is by checking out our sightings board in the Visitor Center. This gets updated frequently and is probably the most up to date information.

If you are planning your visit and want to do some research about what’s being seen, we recommend checking eBird.  eBird is well-used online space for recording bird sightings world wide.  Our volunteers record their sightings there at least once a week, but is also used by local birding experts, visitors and researchers in the area.  You can also find sightings from beyond the Reserve, including all our local hotspots.  We hope you’ll add to the information by recording your sightings there as well.

Check out the Recent Sightings on eBird.


New to birding? Join a tour!  There are docent-led tours of the Reserve on Saturdays and Sundays.

Wondering where to go besides the Reserve? See our list of local birding hotspots here.