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Elkhorn Slough Bookstore and Gift Shop

Be sure to visit the Elkhorn Slough Foundation Bookstore when you visit the Reserve.

Can't get to the Reserve?  Check out the online bookstore which features items that will allow you to show your appreciate for the Elkhorn Slough while supporting our work.

Reserve and Visitor Center hours:
Wednesday - Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The bookstore is located inside the Elkhorn Slough Reserve's Visitor Center. Click here for a map and directions

The Reserve and Visitor Center are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. When the Reserve is closed you cannot access the trails, restrooms, visitor center or bookstore.


Changes in a California Estuary

Changes... book"Scientists have been examining Elkhorn Slough since the 1920s, but until now, there was no one extensive publication that summarized the “bits and pieces” of information. Now, with Changes in a California Estuary: A Profile of Elkhorn Slough, students and researchers can turn to this attractive “A through Z” volume and use it as a base reference for their own studies of this region, or for comparative analysis of wetlands in other parts of the world." Find out more about this book...

To purchase a copy of the book Changes in a California Estuary, a profile of Elkhorn Slough or more information, call the Bookstore at (831) 728-2822.

There's something for every nature-lover at the Bookstore!

We have a great selection of T-shirts and tops, plush toys and poster, hats, caps, notecards, journal books, calendars, guidebooks, nature books, picturebooks, books for kids, stickers, toys, and a wide selection of nature-themed jewelry, figurines, and magnets.

Member Discounts! Members of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation receive a 10% discount in our store.

For more information please call the Bookstore at (831) 728-2822.

Elkhorn Slough Foundation Bookstore
Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve
1700 Elkhorn Road, Wastsonville, CA 95076


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