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Poison Oak

In Maritime Chaparral, Plants and Fungi, Slough Life, Woodlands by Administrator

Upland woodland and riparian habitats. Some animals eat poison oak’s leaves and berries. Poison oak is a vine or shrub that is native to California. In spring the foliage is bright green, in late summer it begins to turn red & slightly brownish-orange. Extremely variable, it grows as a dense shrub in open sunlight, or as a climbing vine in …

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The Wrentit

In Birds, Grasslands and Scrub, Maritime Chaparral, Slough Life, Staff Blog by Dave Feliz

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the scrub lands. Coastal Sage scrub, chaparral, something about the elfin sized forest appeals to me. This probably harks back to my initial exposure to the natural world in the hills of Orange County with its disappearing California Sagebrush and rugged chamise covered slopes. I’m still fascinated by the diversity and abundance …