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Plainfin Midshipman

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Salt waterways Male plainfin midshipman produce a loud, droning hum during mating season that can be heard by humans nearby. The plainfin midshipman is a very interesting fish found here at the Elkhorn Slough. Also referred to as our local “toad fish,” they visit the slough for breeding and juvenile growth. Adults usually live in depths of around 400m most …

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Harbor Seal

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Main channel, sandy beaches, mudflats Harbor seals are “true seals” and must move on land by flopping along on their bellies. Harbor seals are found north of the equator in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In the northeast Pacific, they range from Alaska to Baja California, Mexico. They favor near-shore coastal waters and are often seen at sandy beaches, …

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Caspian Tern

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© Julie Chen Tidal wetlands, islands with low vegetation in salt marsh Caspian terns are the world’s largest tern species. The Caspian Tern is a large gull-like tern with a black cap and a large, thick coral red bill with black tip. The world’s largest tern species and is found on all continents except for Antarctica. Population is increasing in …

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Brown Pelican

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© Mike Kelley Monterey Bay, Beaches, Harbor, mudflats and open waterways. Pelicans can live to be over 30 years old. With a wing span of nearly 79 inches, the Brown Pelican is hard to miss. it can be seen along the beaches and open water, gliding effortlessly close to the waves, and diving from great heights for food. Being the …