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Elkhorn Slough Education Program

Elkhorn Slough Reserve Education Programs for Educators and K-College Students

Each year the Elkhorn Slough Reserve hosts nearly 4,000 school students who come to explore the wetlands and oak woodlands, learn about nature, and discover the tiny life found in a drop of water. The Elkhorn Slough Reserve is a living laboratory waiting to be explored!

The Elkhorn Slough Reserve Education Program is committed to preparing tomorrow’s environmental leaders by providing them with the knowledge and understanding of the wonderful connectedness of the world they inhabit.

  • A field trip to the Elkhorn Slough provides hands-on experiential opportunities for both teachers and students.

  • Students and teachers learn about essential coastal and estuarine concepts, develop data literacy skills and strengthen their critical thinking, team building, and problem-solving skills.

  • K-12 student activities and teacher professional development workshops include the use of established coastal and estuarine science curricula aligned with state and national science education standards.


Explore professional development workshops and teaching resources available to help prepare you to bring your students to the Elkhorn Slough Reserve.

Stewardship EventsFIELD TRIPS
Experience two great ways to bring your students to the Elkhorn Slough Reserve:

  • Self-Guided Reserve Walk - Schedule a time to bring your students out for a self-guided walk on the Reserve trails. Educational kits and binoculars are available for check-out.
  • Estuary Explorations - Work with the Reserve Education staff to design a school visit that complements your teaching goals with hands on activities that provide your students with time to experience and explore the wonders of the Reserve.
    (Click on either of these and go to Field Trip Page)

Unable to bring your students to the Reserve? Bring the Reserve to them! 
Check out any one of the many educational kits available or access on-line resources to enrich your classroom learning of environmental topics such watersheds, wetlands, adaptation, and explore math and language arts concepts through the environmental lens.



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