Elkhorn Slough Foundation

The mission of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation is to conserve and restore Elkhorn Slough and its watershed.

We see Elkhorn Slough and its watershed protected forever—a working landscape, where people, farming, industry, and nature thrive together. As one of California’s last great coastal wetlands, Elkhorn Slough will remain a wellspring of life and a source of inspiration for generations to come.

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Elkhorn Slough Foundation is committed to four programmatic goals that support our mission. These goals are outlined in the 2010-2015 Strategic Initiative as:

  • Conserve and protect key lands in the Elkhorn Slough Watershed.
  • Manage these protected lands including working farms and ranches to conserve their natural resources and demonstrate successful conservation use.
  • Support programs and activities at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve that are complimentary with our mission.
  • Disseminate conservation knowledge to engage the community and advance the value, purpose, and effectiveness of conservation.
  • Elkhorn Slough presents a dynamic balance between human and natural health. It will take all of us to accomplish the mission of conserving and restoring the Elkhorn Slough and its watershed.

ESF uses several key documents including the ESF Strategic Initiative and  Watershed Conservation Plan to guide its actions.

How you can help
Hundreds of animal species rely on wetland habitats. By becoming a member of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation, you will be acting to conserve and restore lands that are critical to the survival of the Elkhorn Slough ecosystem.

Please join us and help to protect forever one of California’s great wetlands. If you are already a member, please tell a friend.