Adopt an oak

Adopt an Oak
In 2015, we planted 150 coast live oak trees on our conserved property to help restore oak woodland habitat.  We want these little oaks grow into sturdy trees so that future generations can admire the ancient oaks of our watershed.  Throughout their lives, these trees will provide habitat for birds and shelter for a variety of wildlife. 

This is your chance to be part of creating an oak woodland.  You can adopt an oak and watch it grow too.  When you “adopt” your tree you will receive a Google Earth link that shows the tree assigned to you.  As the years go by, you can view the progress of your adopted tree with every Google Earth image update. Imagine the changes you might see as the oak sapling becomes a mighty oak and habitat for wildlife.  You’ll even receive your “Virtual Oak Adoption Certificate.”  And you will know your oak is protected on the conserved lands of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation.

You can “adopt” an oak for yourself or a friend.  Since an adopted oak is a living thing, it will grow and change with the passage of time, making it the perfect gift for new baby, birthdays, weddings, and any celebration.

You and your tree – as well as the entire oak grove – are helping to restore the Elkhorn Slough to a native California environment.

Adopt An Oak Today!