Great Horned Owl

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Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Bubo virginianus
Family: Strigidae

Found at Elkhorn Slough

Woodlands, grasslands, barn nestbox

Did you know…

Great horned owls are the only animal that regularly eats skunks.

The Great Horned Owl is one of the most common and widespread owls in North America, being found from the Arctic Tundra, to the arid desert, to tropical forests to urban settings. Their name comes from the tufts of feathers on their heads or “horns” which are sometimes referred to as “ear tufts” but have nothing to do with hearing at all.

Great Horned Owls commonly eat other birds including other owls, osprey, American crows as well as mammals and occasionaly reptiles and amphibians.

These owls are about 2 feet tall. Famales are larger than their male counterparts, but males have a deeper voice (or call).