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Elkhorn Slough Otter Cam FAQ



Partners bringing you the Elkhorn Slough Otter Cam:

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All I see is water and mud. Where are the otters?
The otters may be elsewhere in the slough.  They are most active during high tide, so you should check back later and often. Click here to see when the next high tide will occur.

Who is controlling the Otter Cam?
The Otter Cam is controlled by researchers, staff and volunteers from our three partner organizations. When the camera is not being monitored by humans, it is set to move automatically to 3 popular preset locations.

Where is this location and can I visit in person?
Elkhorn Slough OtterCam1 overlooks salt marsh and several tidal creeks. The otters in these areas tend to be female, and is a popular area for females with pups. OtterCam2 points to more mudflat habitat. In this cam you'll see harbor seals hauled out as well as sea otters. For the protection of these animals, we are not disclosing the exact location of the cameras. Both cameras reside within a protected area of the slough that does not permit kayaks or other visitors.

Where can I learn more about these charming animals?
Visit our Sea Otter Slough Life page. This page not only provides general history and information about otters, but we constantly update this page with the latest local research and news regarding otters in the Elkhorn Slough.

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