Carla Fresquez

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Graduate Research Fellow (2009-2011)
Ph. D.
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of California, Santa Cruz

Carla Fresquez is trying to tease apart the various factors that control the distribution of a threatened plant community at Elkhorn Slough, the high marsh-upland ecotone, a relatively diverse part of the salt marsh that forms the transition zone between the marsh and adjacent upland habitat. This community is limited to a very narrow area around the periphery of the slough with distinct boundaries with the upland and marsh habitats. She is identifying the  abiotic and biotic process and interactions that determine these distinct boundaries. In addition, she is also trying to quantify how the relative influence of each of these types of factors changes under the varying conditions found across the gradient from marsh to upland.

Science in Action: King Tide at Elkhorn Slough. December 2012 by Carla Fresquez