Ceanothus Silk MothCeanothus Silk Moth

S. Fork has organized the existing ESNERR insect collection, and has greatly augmented it with specimens she has collected. Over 200 insect species in 10 orders are now known from the Reserve. Three orders account for a majority of the collection: the moths (Lepidoptera) with greater than 50 species found at the slough and the beetles (Coleoptera) and flies (Diptera) with greater than 20 species in each order.

Download a summary report characterizing the reserve’s insect fauna (59KB / PDF). Download a list of insect families located on the reserve (44KB / PDF).

S. Fork is carrying out experimental work to compare insect diversity and abundance between native and non-native vegetation types on the Reserve. In addition, she is tracking Argentine Ant invasions at the Slough.