We have compiled a comprehensive bibliography of reports, theses, and published literature about the Slough. This bibliography is available in Endnote: ESNERR_Library-1109.enl or Text: NERREndnote_for_Web-1109.rtf  With the update of this website we will soon have a searchable database, in the meantime if you are looking for a specific document email: questionsforus@elkhornslough.org.

Many of these references are available at local libraries. We have provided some of these documents as PDF downloads and some entries link to the article. We also have virtually all of them in our on-site reference library. We do not lend from this library, but we are glad to let you either read the papers in the Reserve’s library or photocopy reports that are reasonably short. You can make an appointment to visit the library by contacting the research staff member appropriate to your interest.

The Elkhorn Slough NERR publishes technical reports as a means for archiving and disseminating data sets, curricula, research findings or other information that would be useful to coastal managers, educators, and researchers, yet are unlikely to be published in the primary literature. All technical reports are available for download on the Technical Report Series webpage.

For a general introduction to the history and ecology of the area, we recommend the slim paperback “Elkhorn Slough” by Mark Silberstein and Eileen Campbell. This book is available in our bookstore, the Monterey Bay Aquarium bookstore, and most likely your local library. Reviewing our synopsis of past work and future priorities for Elkhorn Slough research is another good starting point for general reviews.

A comprehensive guide to Elkhorn Slough, “Changes in a California Estuary: An Ecosystem Profile of Elkhorn Slough” (Caffrey, J.M., Brown, M., and Tyler, B., eds.) was published in 2002. It covers a diverse range of topics such as: geology, history, management issues, plants, vertebrates, and invertebrates.