Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring

suewithrushesRunning since 1998, provides superb spacial coverage; 24 stations sampled monthly.

NERR System-wide Program

nerrsmap-1403Operating since 1995, offers excellent temporal coverage. In this program, water quality data is collected every 30 minutes at four stations along the main Slough channel.

Weather Data


Collected every 30 minutes at one station on the Reserve.

More links about water quality and weather monitoring

Water Quality Report Card. updated 2015

Water Quality Report Card Technical Report. L. Mercado, J. Haskins, R. Preisler. 2014. A water quality report card for the Elkhorn Slough estuary in 2013. Technical Report Series 2014:1

Science in Action: Water Quality Monitoring. January 2014 by Rikke Kvist Preisler.

Tidal Exchange Featured article: From the Ridgelines to the Tide Lines (Spring 2010). In a groundbreaking research study that’s garnering national attention, Elkhorn Slough researchers have statistically demonstrated that the land acquisition and restoration projects of ESF and ESNERR have directly translated into improved water quality in the watershed.