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Science at Elkhorn Slough
Researchers hard at work in the mud.

Science and research are the basis for everything we know about the Elkhorn Slough. The Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (ESNERR) is a hub for research here at the slough and wetlands across the globe.

Research Program
The goal of the ESNERR research program is to investigate estuarine ecosystems and their associated watersheds. In particular, we emphasize science that will help us to better conserve Elkhorn Slough and other estuaries. This estuarine conservation research includes long-term monitoring to detect changes over time, and short-term projects focused on understanding and diminishing threats to Slough habitats and communities.

Resources for Researchers
From state of the art facilities, to permits to advise and collaboration, we have many resources to assist in your research.

GIS and Mapping
GIS and mapping technologies are important for studying changes that occur over time. These tools are also invaluable for land managers and scientists.

References Library
We maintain a bibliography and online library of research about Elkhorn Slough as well as key documents for land management and restoration within the watershed.

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