What is a Graduate Research Fellow?

The National Estuarine Research Reserve System’s GRF program has produced high quality research focused on improving coastal management while providing students with the opportunity to contribute to research and monitoring at a reserve. In the past, as part of the Reserve System, each National Estuarine Research Reserve provided opportunities for students to address research questions and estuarine management issues of local, regional and national significance.

For more information on fellowships visit the national program webpage.

Rikke Jeppesen

Estuarine Ecologist

Brent Hughes

Graduate Research Fellow (2011-2014)

Brent is exploring the drivers of ecological communities at the land/sea interface. This work focuses on the relationship between the seagrass Zostera marina and ephemeral algae, and the natural and anthropogenic factors that influence their interaction.

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Carla Fresquez

Graduate Research Fellow (2009-2011)

Carla Fresquez is trying to tease apart the various factors that control the distribution of a threatened plant community at Elkhorn Slough, the high marsh-upland ecotone, a relatively diverse part of the salt marsh that forms the transition zone between the marsh and adjacent upland habitat.

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Joanna Nelson

Graduate Research Fellow (2008-2011)

Joanna investigated global-change ecology, resilience, and non-linear ecosystem responses to change, in Elkhorn Slough, where N pollution and sea-level rise converge at the land-sea interface, impacting rare salt marsh habitats and their provision of ecosystem services.

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